2022. 11. 24


Sustainable VINTAGE SHOP at the Europeum

2021. 09. 10


Védd a szemed, maradj divatos!
Special Offer
Vár a Müller!
Special Offer

2022. 06. 27

Vár a Müller!


Only one day left

Event 2022.11.24.

JUST 1 DAY to go until our Vintage Clothes Fair for sustainability. What we can tell you is that Swappis has a huge and super cool collection, so you'll definitely have something to browse! We can't wait to meet you, we look forward to seeing you! Opening: Friday 15:00


Közérdekű információ

Special Offer 2022.10.28.

Ezúton is szeretnénk benneteket tájékoztatni, hogy megváltoztak a parkolóházunk tarifái: a parkolójegyek november 1-től 550 forintos óradíjjal válthatóak.



Event 2022.10.12.

Október 15-én, szombaton 9:00 és 18:00 óra között a mélygarázsba való behajtásra és kihajtásra nem lesz lehetőség útburkolati aszfaltozás miatt. Ha autóval érkeznél, kérjük, ezzel mindenképpen kalkulálj. Köszönjük szépen a türelmeteket, a mélygarázs 18:00 óra után újra használható lesz.



Shopping Center

For here is a place, a shopping center which is not too large or unmanageable, which is perfect for some quick shopping before or after work, a sudden need to have a look around, or to come and sit for a coffee and a chat...

But we'd rather not tell you why it's so good. If you're passing through Blaha, drop in and discover for yourself just what it is you love about the Europeum!

Blaha Lujza Square is one of the best-known junctions in Budapest: some of the most important bus and tram routes meet here. Thousands upon thousands of people meet here every day - friends and strangers, residents and visitors - and right here in the heart of the city is where you'll find the Europeum Shopping Center.

Blaha is easy to reach from both Nyugati (West) and Keleti (East) railway stations.

Bus routes: 5, 7, 7E, 78, 99, 173, 178, 178A, 217E, 239
Tram routes: 4, 6, 28, 37, 37A, 62
Trolleybus route: 74
Underground: M2 (red line)

Monday-Saturday: 9 AM - 8 PM, Sunday: 9 AM - 6 PM
Opening hours during holidays, when shops are closed, while restaurants & entertainment services might operate on special schedules:
15 March - National Holiday
15. April - Good Friday
17-18. April - Easter
1. May - Labor day
5-6. June - Pentecost
20. August - National Holiday 
23. October - National Holiday 
1. November - Hallowmans
25-26. December - Christmas
January 1. - New Year

On December 24th and 31st, commercial units, catering and entertainment areas will be open until 2 pm.*Opening hours of some shops may different may different. Please inquire about the exact opening hours in the shops.

Contact us

Europeum Shopping Center
Budapest, 8. district Blaha Lujza tér
MINIMUM 6 MONTHS LONG parking lot leasing

Virág Szilvia 


M: +36 30 786 1614



András Karácsonyi

+36 20 5029 420


Garage Foreman

Mobile: +36 30 814 58 58


Szilvia Virág 


M: +36 30 786 1614


+36 30 835 3704


The Europeum has public underground parking available 24/7. Parking here is cheaper than most of the surrounding area. Everyone is welcome!

Total Capacity


Hourly Rate

550 Ft

Monthly Ticket from

From 26.500 Ft

Parking fee

Hourly rate 550 HUF/hour
24 hours daily ticket -Please contact the Garage foreman on level -2 when you start your parking. Daily tickets can be bought only at the beginning of the parking! 4.500 HUF/day
Monthly night-time ticket (06:00 pm-08:00 am) 26.500 HUF/month
Monthly day-time ticket (08:00 am-06:00 pm) 30.500 HUF/month
Monthly full-time ticket 36.500 HUF/month

Monthly ticket ordering

Europeum Garage foreman on the -2nd floor
Mobile: +36 30 814 58 58


MIN 6 MONTHS LONG parking lot leasing: Virág Szilvia